Sunday, 22 November 2015


Master Sha teaches the purpose of life if to serve. He has dedicated his life to this purpose. And we, as his Worldwide Representatives and students have joined hearts and souls with this intent.
To serve is to make others happier and healthier.

So in every moment, we have the opportunity to serve.
In every moment we can embrace that opportunity.

Master Sha has been teaching how to write calligraphy.
Many of us have been practicing for several hours a day.
For sometime I had the desire to practice outdoors by the beach 
and, one day, I embraced the opportunity.

Practicing, chanting, tracing, writing are all ways to serve. 
As we write we heal ourselves, our immediate environment, and those around use.  When we invoke  the inner and outer, the inner souls of our organs and systems, when we invoice the outer souls of our spiritual fathers and mothers, our ancestors, our loved ones in the heaven realm,  the sun, the moon, the starts, countless planets stars and galaxies. When we invoke all those we call, join us. All those who have chanted the mantras we are chanting or who have written the sacred phrases we are writing, join with us in the practice. We are one with them and the power of the practice is so much greater.

I have been practicing to write
Bao Yuan Shou Yi
Hold Tao Concentrate On One

And I have been practicing to write

This is Master Sha's Calligraphy 
that I was gifted in a "lucky draw".
Many times Master Sha will ask all the workshop participants 
to write their names on a piece of paper. He pulls a name out of the 
basket and gifts the most priceless spiritual treasure. 

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