Monday, 3 August 2015

The Tao Soul Calligraphy Field, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 2nd

Tao Soul Calligraphy Field, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 2nd

When I arrived at the Queen Kapiolani Hotel and entered the Akala Ballroom, Master Sha was in the midst of creating the individual calligraphies that would become The Tao Soul Calligraphy Field.

He had been writing calligraphy since the early morning when I arrived at 5pm in the afternoon. The power in the room was palpable. And the excitement too. Before leaving, Master Sha gathered the students and asked everyone to request a blessing from the calligraphy before it was to be placed on the walls around the room for the workshop the next day.

Each of us shared what we saw, what we experienced and what we felt in this first of many firsts that Master Sha would create.

The guidance I received is that The Tao Soul Calligraphy Field is the most powerful healing field on earth and in heaven.

I encourage everyone to join this workshop in order to personally experience this healing and life transforming power. If you need healing, if you want to advance on your spiritual journey, if you want to become a more powerful healer, please join Master Sha and receive benefits beyond what you can imagine.

I am happy to have some photos to share from this moment.

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  1. Amazing Master Sande!! Thank you for sharing these images and story. I look forward to joining these events and hopefully being there in person! love you love you love you

  2. HI Lily, Thank you for posting on my blog! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Miss you and Love you. Please stay in touch. You are very special to my heart.