Monday, 31 August 2015

Memories of Newly Appointed World Wide Representatives and Coming Back to O'ahu

Master Sha Gives His Heart to All Souls 
Master Malia just became a Divine Channel and Heather and Kamana'opono are so moved.
Anneka Congratulates Master Theda, new Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative of Master Sha
Heather is happy for her Mom!
Charles and Master Malia Joyful after Master Malia's appointment.
View from the camera platform. The best place to be!
Jason, our Audio ENG, trains Jolly

Yanan in Control at the Audio Board
Beautiful Smiles from our Camera Team
Master Patrick operating Camera 1 and Camera 2!
Happy Happy Happy Firuzan
Behind the Scenes with Master Henderson

Master Nina leads Chanting Practice with Jolly

Big Love with Master Nina, Heather and Kamana'opono

Master Adrian after his appointment as a Worldwide Representative and Divine Channel of Master Sha
Master Sha explains the Tao Chang to workshop participants.
Herb practices before the Tao Chang.
Behind the scenes at the Control Room
Our Beloved Customer Service Team!
Master Rulin meditating in the Tao Chang
Master Gina, Master Diane and Master Pam during Dan Tracing
Master Prince Celebrates with his Anniversary with his Students in Mumbai on the webcast


  1. Dear Master Sande, Iʻm so grateful that you captured this moment for our Hawaiʻi family, our LPHWF to see. So often we donʻt see what happens behind the scenes and youʻve made sure with these photos, that everyone has a chance to receive a glimpse of these special days. I love you and honored to walk this path with you. Aloha, Aloha, Aloha, Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo.

  2. Dear Master Sande, I've learned so much from you in all times that I was able to serve with you. I can truly say that if it weren't for you and allowing me to serve on the A.V. team, I wouldn't have found my true career... (now tbh I am not completely sure if this is true) but I believe that this is what I am to do as a career in this life. I am forever grateful to have you in my life not only in this life but all lifetimes we ever worked together or just simply passed by each other. I am grateful for these moments cb cb cb