Friday, 7 August 2015



These most beautiful words were first spoken by my spiritual father, Master Zhi Gang Sha, when I was in production on a film which would be called SOUL MASTERS: MASTER GUO AND MASTER SHA.  Master Sha was speaking about his teacher Master Guo. He completed this phrase with these final words, "Heart touch heart, soul touch soul. Master Guo is me, I am Master Guo."

As I watch Master Sha through the lens of many cameras, I feel his heart reaching out to my heart, and to everyone's heart.  How is this?  Because Master Sha's laughter, joy, and playfulness resonate and hold us to his heart.  Because Master Sha's generosity always surprises us and open our hearts further. Because Master Sha's honesty is as candid as a child's. He will not keep anything from anyone.  Because of Master Sha's devotion to his students, he will bring each and everyone from wherever they are to wherever they want to be, as long as they devote themselves with deep sincerity and dedication to their spiritual journey. Master Sha has always said to his students, "You can be better than me." He believes in us, he encourages us, he holds us, shows us, and will never give up on us, no matter how long it takes for us to realize how much he is offering us.

There is nothing that I wouldn't do for Master Sha. He has blessed and/or healed everyone in my life. He has continued to shower me with his knowledge, wisdom and love; appreciation and opportunity both professionally and spiritually.  I cannot, can never, thank Master Sha enough.

What does Heart Touch Heart, Soul Touch Soul mean?   It is to align with your spiritual teacher with every thought, deed and action in every moment. It is to become one. Now that I understand that with my mind, may my heart truly find it's way.

Today's Volunteer Heart Opener

My heart was touched  by Heather, who started her first day as Camera 3 operator. She jumped on the camera without hesitation. She wanted to participate, she wanted to serve. 
She may have noticed that the Camera Operators have the best seats in the workshop?

A great angle of Master Sha teaching  from Camera 3
Heather on Day 2, already switching

What could be more heart opening than this?
Jason, Yanan and Master Nina Sing Really Really Love You Everyone!
Master Orlena Leading Chanting Practice

Beloved Master Sha with Master David and Master Francisco on Skype!


  1. What a beautiful part. I agree. MASTER Sha is so patient work his students. .love u master Sandi

  2. Great pictorial from Hawaii.
    I am sure we will be seeing lots more of Heather and her brother.
    Thank you Master Sande
    Much love
    Jennifer Connery