Sunday, 23 August 2015

Behind The Scenes with Master Sha: At The Secret Knocks and Visit to Paramahansa Yogananda's Lake Shrine

Master Sha gave the most beautiful and heart-touching teaching at The Secret Knock, where he was invited by Greg and Allyn Reid.  Master Sha spoke to an audience of entrepreneurs who he was meeting for the very first time. He so gently said "Some people are not spiritual. Try to learn more."

These simple words, touched my heart very deeply. "Some people are not spiritual. Try to learn more".  Master Sha came there to introduce successful business people to his teachings, and they were very moved and motivated.

We then went to visit Self-Realization Fellowship's Lake Shrine Temple dedicated by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1950. And the first words of Yogananda's I saw were, "Everything else can wait, but our search for God cannot wait."

This reminds me of the beautiful and profound teaching Master Guo shared with Master Sha.  And I praphrase, "If you do not do Xiu Lian (purification practice) you are wasting your life."

I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation in the '70's and introduced my whole family to the practice. In the 90's I was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Swami Sarveshwarananda in Paris, after reading The Autobiography of a Yogi. Both of these practices benefited my life greatly. But it was not until 2005 when I met Master Sha that I finally found my true teacher and now I am learning the true wisdom.

Here are some photos I would like to share.



  1. Most honored and grateful for the opportunity to view these Beautiful photos documenting the path Beloved Master Sha blazes on his Mission to Enlighten us All ... Profound Gratitude from my Heart and Soul ... Countless Bow Downs ... Countless Bow Downs ... Countless Bow Downs ...

  2. Dearest Master Sande,

    it is such a privilege to have a small glimpse "behind the scenes" with your beautiful pictures! You have such a unique gift to capture emotions in amazing pictures. Thank you for taking us along!