Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Master Sha's Events In Sydney, Australia, July 2015

Thank you to the Sydney and Global Media Team 
that supported Master Sha's Events in Sydney, Australia!

Thank you for your tremendous support, for your unconditional service and 
for your total GOLD!

Many new Kamera Kids joined in including Lisa, Claudio, Issac, Luna, Lotti, Beau and Naveen. 

Congratulations to our new Divine Channels Master Christine and Master Carol!

Not pictured are the photographers Kate, Gitta, Sarah, and Master Henderson!

Beloved Master Sha on all the monitors in the Control Room

Calligraphy Camera
Claudio, Logging, Lisa, Switching and Master Cynthia
Jason, Audio, Claudio and Lisa
Lisa, Audio Assistant
Lisa, Assistant to the Director
Lotti filmed by her sister Naveen 
Learning how to Switch!
Winner of best photo is Ronan cleaning the Panasonic camera lens
Lilian and Geoff, Bao Yuan Shou Yi
Geoff operating camera 1 and camera 2 and still able to take notes!
Louis joined the camera team!
Lex perfecting his calligraphy!
Such a beautiful Tian.
Nivedita receives a healing
Our Stage Managers and Loggers, Master Christine and Deb
Kane and Luna
Anne Fan
Master Christine
Norrie from Vancouver
Marzena from Vancouver
Matthias and Lisa, from Europe
Lisa and Lotti on Camera 1 and Camera 2
Gavin and Lotti on Camera 2, Lisa on Camera 1
Daniel coaches Lotti and Beau, Issac happily operates Camera 
Ronan coaches Naveen.
Master Sande goes handheld

The Equipment is Very Grateful for All the Tender Care
Lex, Master Alexandre and Master Robyn help with the 21 boxes
Master Mirva saves the day by bringing one box to the airport that had been left behind!
Many Thanks to  Lex, Master Robyn and Master Alexandre


  1. Beautiful photos Master Sande. It makes us all feel part of the team. Love the Love the camera kids! Love the captions with names we can associate with faces now. TY and all the team for your loving service on behalf of all of us who cannot be there with you in person. LYLYLY TYTYTY CBD CBD CBD

  2. Dear Master Sande thank you so much for the beautiful behind the scenes of Master Sha's latest events in Sydney! It captures so much of the event and people who make up the event and universal servant team, and all the cute and beautiful little people who also wish to serve. I love being at this event in person with Master Sha and everyone around the world and being the other side of the camera. Thank you for all of your service and sharing these precious moments with us all. lylyly cbd cbd cbd