Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Behinds The Scenes with Master Ximena and the Jing Team Meets

May 11, 2015

Master Ximena Gavino came to Tucson, Arizona to 
film a 9-Part series on Divine Soul Healing Services.
Her teachings are beautiful, powerful and profound.
Thank you, Master Ximena for sharing all of your deep wisdom.

Master Ximena came to Tucson to film the teaching series on Divine Soul Healing Service 

Behind Behind the Scene, and not pictured, are Nadia Rose and Charley Brown.
We are very grateful for their contribution.

Master Ximena's powerful teaching series includes:
Six Keys to Creating a Successful Soul Healing Service

Master Sande happily filming Master Ximena
 19 E Toole Ave, Tucson
photo by Charley Brown

Master Ximena gives practical wisdom and teaching on
How to structure and lead a Soul Healing Miracle Evening
May 12, 2015

Today's One Sentence Secret:
Align with Master Sha's Heart

Today the Jing Team celebrated Master Nina's appointment as
Disciple, Divine Channel and Worldwide representative of Master Zhi Gang Sha.
Thanks to Ring Central we could Video Conference.
Pictured L to R Master Nina, Master Sande, Master Mirva
Pictured bottom L to R Master Henderson, Firuzan, Elise

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