Friday, 17 October 2014

Dearest Friends, 

Here are some of our volunteers from Master Sha's Munich Retreat.

What is underneath their beautiful smiles?

It is the joy of being of service.  
When we have a family, we love and serve our families.
When we have friends, we love and serve our friends.
When we have a community, we love and serve our community.
When we are universal servants, we serve unconditionally.
And our love expands beyond our family, our friends, our community
We love and serve all souls.

And our hearts open into these big and warm smiles.


  1. Dearest Master Sande, I was waiting for your pictures from Munich, thank you! So many great memories, truly life changing! Da Gan En!

  2. Dear Master Sande, you have such magic...thank you for this sharing. My heart opened more. With Greatest Gratitude <3