Sunday, 28 September 2014

Dearest Friends,

Master Sha's event at Barnes and Noble in Oahu was so well received by those who attended that the books literally flew off the shelves. The evening was a total success in every way.

William Gladstone's biography of Master Sha, Miracle Soul Healer

Master Diane and Master Pam welcome Master Sha

Enko receives healing from Master Sha for her ten year old foot pain.

Step One and Two

Steps Three and Four

Enko says, "There's No Pain"!

And she gives her gratitude to Master Sha.
Brenda received Tao Healing Hands from Master Sha

Master Sha and Sunny

Master Sha and Paul

Master Sha and Yanan
The Books Flew Off The Shelves!


  1. Dear Master Sande,

    thank you for letting us take part in Master Sha's journey in such a special and beautiful way! We are very honored, thank you for all your service!

    With love from Germany

  2. Wow, what beautiful sharing. Thanking you very much Master Sande, I love seeing the behind the scenes of these events. Loved joining in the events in Hawaii via webcast, thank you for providing such a wonderful service to us all around the world in this way. Love you very much, looking forward to reading and seeing the pictures behind the European events. lylyly

  3. Thank you Master Sande for sharing this beautiful event. The pictures bring everything to life and make us feel like we're there with you and Master Sha. Thank you! Love you!